13-Research work on the books donated by the MACBA

The day has come, finally the book shows students who won at home to analyze and present it to other classmates.

Below are the books / link students with the corresponding presentation.

  • Rita McBride – James V.
  • MACBA Contemporary Museum – Valeria M. – Introduction to Drive
  • Object relational – Noelia S. – Presentation Prezi
  • In the labyrinth – C. Almendra – Presentation Prezi
  • Written on the Wind – Hugh S. – Introduction Drive
  • Dorothea and Ronrool – Kimberly R.
  • International Centre picture BCN – T. Viky – Document the Drive
  • Parallel Benet Rossell – Veronica B.
  • Do not tell me nothing – Cristina C.
  • Barcelona 1978-1997 – Joan D. – PDF Presentation
  • Celio Meireles – Sofia G.
  • Galeria Cadaqués – Nahuel C.
  • Alice Creischer – A. Nieves – Presentation Prezi
  • The Vertical Journey. Luis Claramunt – Alex C.
  • I am immortal and alive. Gil J Wolman – Aina P. – Introduction Drive
  • Antoni Miralda – Diana del Rio – Presentation PDF
  • Antoni Abad Megafone.net/2004-2014 – Arthur D. – Text below

    The author of this book is known to give voice to people who are less into account. This book includes the review spheres of people who are difficult to reach; slums, groups of people at risk of exclusion … This is a work with many points of view, most new to many people, with photos, audios and interviews website Megafone.net/2004-2014 .


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