12-Knowing the MACBA Library and preparing research work

Taking out the April 27 presentation of the institute in 2016 Apadrina Miquel Tarradell (link to the story), once completed we used to visit the training center of the MACBA in addition to its library.

Marta charge of the archive and library, explained very carefully how the spaces in order to find any work, especially in the face of any research that may feed or supplement.

The library meets catalogs, books of essays, periodicals, audiovisual and promotional material on artists, organizations, etc. Under Reserve allocated posts that require more restrictive conditions for consultation, either by their physical characteristics, would be the case of photo books and publications of special formats, for example, or for their rarity as about some exhibition catalogs or first editions of publications of historical relevance. Also, the Library provides user access to various specialized databases for consultation online. (Extracted from the web)

The information that all students found was very interesting, each within its left very happy / a and someone up there all the library card when you want to return there. Professor Francis Casabella asked all attendees who recommend two books, and these are precisely -ordenats for alumnat- notes can be found below.

Noelia Soler ______________________________

Today at MACBA we had to choose two books that strikes us and write a kind of synopsis to explain in just a few lines of what each.
In my case, I opted for “Eternity VULNERABLE” Jeffrey Fraenkel. This book is fifty photographs taken by people from totally different fields, ie, done by scientists, simple fans interested in a particular subject and artists.
Each of these images have their meaning, history, etc. They are made in a way so meticulous that makes t’abstreguis photography, looking for meaning in everything you see.

The other book I chose is about “MOVEMENTS OF MODERN ART – POP ART” and displays a thousand images taken with this technique, since the beginning with Andy Warhol and his famous Marilyn Monroe.

9788478071364-us-300  4940410

Hug Salvat ______________________________

“RULE MA VILLE” is a book that talks about the evolution of skateboarding in the cities of France. It also shows sketches of skateparks.

“Surfers Skaters & SOUL Skinhead” is a book that talks about the fashions of the street for many years and how they have changed over time.

les-nouveaux-commanditaires-  412RVHHKTAL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

Vicky Tortato ______________________________

The following books speak of an argument that has always interested me: The Second World War.

“ART AND IDEOLOGY OF NAZI” In him the idea that Hitler had counted, teaching the principles -of which I agree, leaving the barbarities I wanted to do and made-. I think an interesting book because it can make us understand his intentions and ended up losing because after.

“NAZI AESTHETIC” offers a window on what Hitler wanted for his ideals of society, and analyzes their metaphors as he called it `aleman` Christ. Here we can see where second the Führer art and religion are to lead to the `idea and forma` of a utopian world.

40634344  tapa belleza compulsiva_FINAL

Joana Delmas ______________________________

“Japanism. The fascination with Japanese art “Obra Social La Caixa. This book is about the art in Japan. We talk about how it was discovered, his first contacts with the West and its fascination with Christian paintings. On the other hand, we also talk about what brought Japan to the West, centuries later, as influenced world and from this fact, the evolution suffered. Finally, we talk about the symbiosis between modernism and Japanism.

“Modern India” tells us a little evolution of Hindu art, the evolution of this, colonization, and how it changed their culture and art. Once arrived in Europe pre-modernist and modernist. It also explains how was the appearance of photography and film. Gandhi and the situation in India. Gradually India also was westernized and globalized.

IMG_20160427_140723_1461825996499  IMG_20160427_140647_1461825935388

Nieves Alvarez ______________________________


I recommend the book “LIGHT YEARS – LIGHT YEARS” Eugenia Balcells, where you can see many of his works on visual effects.

“MOVING IMAGE – moving images.” In this book, we as artists work differently projections of images on large surfaces.

In the book “DIGITAL ART” we find the works of some of the most important artists from around the world.

“PETER Kogler” shows the evolution of spatial and visual effects, motion pictures and a 3D animation video game artists from the 60s to the present.

publikation-1992-moving-image-electronic-art-imatges-en-moviment-18530    61FXhA9ZSqL._SX377_BO1,204,203,200_

Valeria Brand ______________________________

“POP ART DESIGN”. This book caught my attention, because it teaches us the various designs of Pop art was created by Andrea Warhol, which can be applied to objects like chairs, decorations, among others. We see how we can all imitate the example of Warhol, to design our own stuff Pop art style.

Moreover why I would pick this book, is because the colors are bright, pleasing to the eye, because red is striking and contrasts with a dark blue and a lighter, dinalmente with letters, stars and white lines. So what we could say that is a more current book. In conclusion, all have the ability to judge the book by its cover, and from my point of view, I prefer flashy covers books that appeal to you at a glance.

pop-art-design   pop_art_2_klein

Jaume Miró ______________________________

” Jeff Koons ” a photographic book published in 2009 in making a collection of his most famous works done in his twenty-five year career is more than 50 pages. Definitely I recommend this book because I believe that Koons is a very significant and iconic sculptor of contemporary culture and its colorful and realistic sculptures are worthy to know and admire.

“ALLEN JONES: Sheer Magic” is a series of magazines published by Allen Jones during the sixties in England, sculptor and illustrator these shows sketches of their works or complete artwork. I recommend this book series because I love Allen Jones and I think his little conservative style is great, considering. also publications that are nearly sixty years ago.

IMG_2284  IMG_2287

Cristina Callado ______________________________

“CREATE WITH ARTISTS” teaches you how to make works of art, and how I like crafts, I thought it might be cool.

“THE DEAD” with photographs of people after they have died and been subjected to an autopsy. I find it very interesting because the images are original and out of the ordinary also the subject of death seems very interesting to me

create-with-artists  create-with-artists-an-art-activity-book-for-every-one-2

Kimberly Romero ______________________________

“OTHERS CREADORES” – Once. It is a book with a collection of works by artists with severe visual impairment, from paintings to sculptures, all kinds of arts plàstiques.Et says the name of the artist and the illness suffered. It is very interesting because you can see his works as having the disease, and above all, it is very curious message they convey.

“IRINIAN PHOTGRAPHY NOW” – Edited by Rose Issa. It is a book of photography as well the title says, Iran are images that show the current situation of this country, conflict, death, suffering people, inequality, the role of women …. A mixture of everything, as all kinds of expressions / feelings / situations that happen people who have lived and still live there.

Iranian Photography Now - cover

Sofia Garcia ______________________________

“BANKSY – WALL AND PIECE” It presents a collection of works by the anonymous artist Banksy, who is the author of this. Personally, I chose this book because the way in which this artist has become prominent in the art world I find it very fascinating character.

“KEITH HARING – I wish I did not have to sleep” In it, we see the reactions of some children’s drawings Keith Haring and results in it are totally “unpredictable”. You also see how the technique was Haring regarding his creativity, this book will see highly recommended for all ages.

184252  184246

Diana del Rio ______________________________

“EL DIARIO DE Frida Kahlo.” Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter and poet. Married to muralist Diego Rivera. His life was marked by a serious illness that caused Stay in bed for a long time and suffering 32 operations. He wore an unconventional life since he was bisexual. Most of his works are based with his biography and his suffering. It has about 200 works dominated by self.

The illustrated book recounts the last decade of the turbulent life of Frida Kahlo. We see reflected different aspects of the artist secrets that had been kept for decades. The Journal is a collection of 149 pages dente years 1944-1954. Collect thoughts, poems and dreams of Frida and at the same time talking about the toxic relationship he had with the artist Diego Rivera.

I recommend this book because it talks about a very important Mexican artist in the history of painting not only the artistic but psychological as this lady’s life was a life complicated and very interesting due to their bravery.


Alnmendra Carrasco ______________________________

“THE NUDE Real and Ideal.” I recommend this book of photography of naked because it is a type of photography that interests me a lot, I think that is a great book because in it you can see and learn a lot not only about how the body responds to light and vice versa, but qualities that define his style: composition, delicacy, intimacy with a human subject, and so on.

“PURPLE FASHION”. I recommend this magazine is so diverse styles, not only in fashion if the photograph models. I give me different ideas with a touch of daring photographs modeling. I think a magazine that has many games to choose from and a variety of artists who presented it expands.

Aina door ______________________________

“Agitator CONSCIENCE” is about an exhibition that took place in Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall to see what life was like in Europe.

“DDR DESIGN” is about an exhibition of posters and texts submitted to various social issues that go beyond our borders.

Agitadors-de-consciència-1  51gXyWyzp2L._AC_UL320_SR228,320_

Alex Tan __ (not library) ___________________________

TITLE: Gulliver’s Travels author Jonathan Swift Illustrator: Guillermo Pérez Villalta EDITORIAL: Galaxia Gutenberg

This recommendation is not strictly a book of art. It is a literary classic adventure republished and illustrated by Guillermo Pérez Villalta. This book runs to my house since I was little I always liked to see the images that give life to, a spectacular history. Everyone can imagine the adventures of Gulliver in their own way, but the way you imagine and draw the Pérez Villalta could not be more complete. The book contains over 100 drawings that appear at the beginning of the chapters in between them. It also has three-fold that immerse you in the world of the author. All drawings are full of details, showing bright colors and unusual perspectives. Although not much like reading, you can almost understand the whole story through the illustrations and make you want to grab the text read.

libro_1368990994  31789081

TITLE: El mundo de Goya sus dibujos, AUTHOR: E. Lafuente Ferrari EDITORIAL: Ediciones Urbión,

This book is a collection of drawings by Francisco de Goya. It includes early drawings, sketches and paintings engravings and drawings much more personal. Many of these drawings are made with watercolor and others in red pen. The author Goya painting took many years, but at age 50 when he discovered as a great artist. Looks suffered an illness that was about to leave it dull and pointless to recover went to live in the palace of the Duchess of Alba. There develops like drawing and I never cease to do so. What most caught my attention is that scholars are drawing strokes clear, very prepared, but rather seem almost scribble, scribble but with great force.

These drawings show the complex world of Goya, his obsessions, his feelings, his original ideas. Some are protests on the political situation that led to prison, torture and war and others the joy of freedom, once the period of the reign of Philip VII. But any time you mix the monsters, madmen, dreams … I find flipping through this book and stop in any image is a highly recommended experience.


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