11-Presentation of the project to meet the Apadrina in 2016

On Wednesday, all schools that have participated in Apadrina this year, we met in high school Miquel Tarradell to present their respective projects.

We have shown this blog and making the gymkhana.

The event was divided into two parts, the first, from small groups has proposed several questions such as: What have you discovered equipment sponsored? What better relationship and school organization? and what experiences and emotions Become doors? All responses groups have publicly explained briefly at the end.

The second half was more institutional in it on Damian attended -our director, and Antonio Teacher of Visual and Plàstica- among other directors, teachers and heads of schools organizations. Here, a video has been made with fragments of students working in all schools, and five presentations sponsored by students from different schools. Finally there was a good appetizer.

We have presented this blog where you can see all the activities that we have in hand the MACBA, and the proposal of a global treasure hunt that combines contemporary art museum and parts of El Raval, to make a fun and dynamic mix with the clear aim to encourage students to see the museum as a space full of experiences to discover.

Barcelona TV covered the story, here is the story.


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