10-Gymkhana MACUB

It is an honor to have made the project sponsor in a treasure hunt that combines artistic MACBA and Raval.


Anyone who wants can participate, is recommended three groups and each of them has a mobile geolocalitzador. Eduloc Download for Android or IOS.

Once you enter the application you must go to the library and look Macub, select it and you’ll be ready to start. You will see that inside there are three groups, distributing them to you and start.

The application is still very simple statements, see above there is a compass, follow the marked points to get to zero. No advance questions unless you have problems. Note with images and links extras. Once you get to the points mentioned have to do a fun little test, if you exceed, you can go and collect all three buckets at the end.

When the three groups exceed three tests, get nine cubes, which should be fit to make a picture like the one below avançar- -and we can not be easy to fit.

CUB preparat 2

At the end the students will be invited to visit the MACBA and found inside, some works of art that have been previously discussed.

The treasure hunt, will be directed by different groups of people Raval, making them take part in the public space, such as having to make a human wall or a horizontal string, or a bed of bodies, besides them donart a touch of Art. Below are the different locations.


Description of the treasure hunt:

The gymkhana consists of three groups that must perform three tests different, with different routes.

Each group, as a reward for finishing each test, get a bucket.

The tests are based on solving three riddles that will lead students to the next point on the treasure hunt. Once the route will join the three groups with the aim of fitting the cubes that have been achieved in each of the tests, resulting in an image of the MACBA museum.

This competition will consist of three groups in the division from 3rd ESO to high schools. Then each will be given a series of clues which lead him to places agreed: Massana Teatre Romea and CCCB.

Once you manage to get through an application that will serve as a compass called “Eduloc” must know the name of the work to be found which are adaptations of the museum. If the guess will be a prize bucket, and also a receipt confirming the gain aquestsi well with the following tests. To have a total of nine cubes which after all will join teams to make big cube are different parts of the museum.

Although the tour will end back in the MACBA.

The objectives to be sought to achieve are:

  • Enlarge artistic knowledge of the participants.
  • Bringing contemporary art looking for personal interests.
  • Create everyone an own point of view in judging the work personally, and increase critical spectators as the MACBA.
  • Have some fun and lose the shame
  • Motivate platforms using geolocation future cultural and artistic works.



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