9-Specifying and defining the parts of the project

The final project takes shape and is synthesized in a treasure hunt around the MACBA. These days, we have organized to advance each part of the Challenge, realizable in online version but will reward physical play and discover the architecture of Richard Meier.

Then there is the relationship that has each group:

  • Select different works of the museum attractive build the respective adaptations of the works of art and photograph the outcome. – Vicky, Almendra and Aina
  • Take pictures and write the MACBA presentation – James and Diana
  • Invent tracks, and route testing – Arthur and Lydia
  • Making small cubes – Hug, James Snow, Alex and Nahuel
  • Scaling images and prepare them for printing – Hug and Noelia
  • Write Synopsis and project description – Noelia
  • Crop images – Lydia, Alex and Kim
  • Paste images in large and small cubes – Cristina Nieves and Kim
  • Specific project objectives / gymkhana – Valeria, Joana and Noelia
  • Preparation ticket / prize – and Joana Valeria
  • Poster cover – Alejandra
  • Cut and paste images to cubes – Kim
  • Search artist information – Nahuel, Diana and Noelia

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