8-Right hemisphere

MACBA, has given us a very nice capsule. It is something that makes us think and reflect on areas that transforms Art. How we adapt to them? Consider space as art? How can we intervene artistically? …

Today we have followed the instructions of the right hemisphere we talked about Gordon Matta-Clark, full New York architect and artist who died at the age of 35 years.

The video presentation with pictures of intervention by Gordon Matta-Clark, guided us and posed three questions as tense: Tell technical / artistic movements similar (students responded, collage, assemblage, Cubism and subtraction). How would you change to a building? (Students said, the homeless, diagonal section, remove only facade, remove windows style greenhouse, remove the outer walls). And the last question asked the students if it is among the most important is the outcome or action (Get 25% to 75% respectively).

After the turn has come to pass the word to the gesture, and get up to section space. Finally has deepened the feelings of the right hemisphere we had to perform the action, some of which were: joy, euphoria, fun, chaos, stress, pressure, madness … and moreover reflection the left hemisphere that has made us reflect on the habitability of space, and the adaptation of man to the environment.


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