5-Specific ideas and deepen

From all the ideas suggested in point 3, have three groups, each has developed, shape both the conceptual and figurative.

After these 15 minutes and dissertations things clearer was time to enter the MACBA freeform resort that is needed to capture an image that illustrates the intended objective.

Having already done the tasks above, we have chosen a title and description to appear in public before the other students.

After these presentations, which have seen things face and eyes, voices have arisen some have suggested the possibility of joining and logically be included.

The proposals of the three groups are defined:

A- Title: White on White, recalling Malevich Description: With this work is to illustrate angles and shades contrasting with white space and so characteristic of the architecture MACBA. Specifically it will practice a series of images captured by the group and shaped in different buckets to interectuar.

(Members: Alex, Diana, James Nieves, Nahuel Artur)

B- Title: Art itself. Description: The purpose of this group represent our way of seeing some works of the MACBA. So we will look ek naterial that suits the work.

(Members: Viky, Kim, Aina, Veronica, and Roger Almendra)

C- Title: The District as a container. Description: The main idea that emerged was represented by the works of the MACBA in the Raval area. But from here we have another … the idea of making a treasure hunt. So this idea did participate and integrate other groups to make a single global project.

(Members: Valeria, Noel, Cristina, Sofia, Lydia, Jane and Hugh)


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