4-Further action at MACBA

First visit to the building for a unique tour that makes us experience the museum in person. It also conveys the feeling and the message of artists to create their works, making them reflect on them and their importance. MACBA organize such visits under the name Further action.

The start has been so boring as expected, but suddenly screams we have increased adrenaline, waking us and putting us on alert. It had happened in front of a work of Luz Broto entitled “Inside and outside” work virtually imperceptible, and very important for the temperature of the museum because it actually altering degrees inside, it is a hole yes, a hole in the wall of the building that leads us to consider the fact of looking like voyeurs, the relationship between exterior and interior, transfusion of air between open and closed, freedom, the path of light and many more topics.

The next stop brought us in front of some rhinos John Baldesari, but we soon lost sight of as we see lying on the ground by the wonder of the roof, and games that everyone can set. So much for bringing us to think about how things would be if everyone saw the same way ?. To try to imagine we put the same height and well near the volunteer Diana, relating to an action artist.

The work of Francesc Ruiz, has suggested that the words are very clear, but we can use other elements to minimize the power of the message, so if you insult a basketball player or a baby will not be the same. On this similarity makes us think about the relativity of messages based on the shape of the author / layout, color printing drawing … and so much more, all from his two works “Cairo Newsstand” and “The green detour

For groups and virtually invented requested explaining that works without the written information to the panel. Some groups expressed sure what I said and this has become the message credible, and therefore logical for the veneration of the work. In other groups have lacked the resources, ideas and mental agility work before Sigalit Landau and Rita McBride.

But the last action has not left anyone indifferent. Toni -the guia- raised with students to measure their body, any part of the MACBA and we look at the details, making the action in a game of hide, which has caused uproar and this has angered the group of visitors who were next, that Toni has asked the silence and respect for the place where we were. Creating a tense situation. Extracting conclusions that there are other visions perception of culture. That implies a playful learning and knowledge, just be aware of the method and approach. In addition, the sacredness of the museum as a place of silence.

In all actions, has shown a willingness to breach that has defined many ways worked in works of art on display, learning the concept of the work or the purpose of the artist from our action. While viewing a gift, and he has dislocated the purists. It must be art.


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