3-Project ideas to choose from to make

After a week circling what and how to do the project, we have turned a pile of ideas that are detailed below. We will keep them in mind and continue circling.

Possible projects to be carried out:

Play A- MACBA contemporary works in the street or locations Raval from objects or people in the area. Finding a similarity and a replica contrasting spaces, light, looking for ways … but the essence of the work adapted.

Prepare a B- type audiovisual documentary interviewing artists who have a studio in the Raval, register your opinion or some common characteristic with respect MACBA.

CA from pieces as if they were bricks to build a wall or building outline, having each one of the pieces, a fragment photography, writing or drawing showing a view of the MACBA (eg promotional video of the graffiti Bruno Big).

D-Cubs considerable dimensions in which each of the sides there is some representation of MACBA and once sorted together becomes visible fragment of a museum, and in each of the six faces. It could be done with graffiti.

E Students prepare a guided tour explaining and showing some works in other media, releases them and they themselves have made.

Frank adds: Teachers could extend their training with a visit to MACBA and an activity to share the experience. In addition, some faculty could be converted into any direct training / trainer / detailing works in the MACBA and look like any relationship between materials and contemporary works.


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